Daihatsu Charade GTti - guide to buying

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As I run the owners club I've seen a lot of cars good and bad in my time. The aim of this guide is to give you a few pointers to ensure you buy the right car and enjoy GTti ownership as a good GTti is truly a terrific experience.

Whilst mileage is a useful indication condition is a better indication of value. Look for a detailed service history with receipts of work done. If someone cannot afford to service it properly it probably not been well looked after and that could be a money pit.

Good cars normally come from good homes so a well cared for GTti will normally be worth the money. There will be evidence of frequent servicing using quality parts. Oil changes will be regular and the cambelt will have been changed at the right time. Many owners service their own cars so good records should be available if this is the case.

A neglected GTti may cost you just as much or more in the long run. If the bodywork looks great be careful if its a fresh respray who knows what horrors this may be hiding as some owners have found much to their regret. Check carefully for overspray around the windows, door rubbers and lights in particular to indicate a respray. The engine should be quiet and smoke free and although the injectors are quite noisy giving a light tapping noise this should be about the only noise from the engine.

Make sure you check out the buyers guide on www.gttioc.co.uk which details what to look out for in detail and contact me as I may know the car if you let me know the reg number and owners details. The buyers guide gives you all the common things to look out for. Also check out fellow member nathan Munn's site at http://members.aol.com/Pocketrocket993/ as he has another excellent buyers guide on here too.

Whilst the owners club is pretty dormant now due to declining interest there is a GTti community on Facebook please check this out.

Lastly GTti ownership is fun. The members are down to earth and there is no snobbery and people are generally very helpful. These can be cheap cars that give you a massive grin and for me thats what its all about.

Take care and have fun with your GTti

Daihatsu Charade GTti Owners Club

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