Dating Books, TV Programmes etc by Roman Numerals

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A lot of books and TV programmes use Roman numerals. This can be difficult to date precisely. Here are what the Roman numerals stand for.

I = 1

V = 5

X = 10

L = 50

C = 100

D = 500

M = 1000


But even knowing this it is difficult to know a Roman date at speed. As a quick guide.

MCM... means 20th century.

MCCCC...means 19th century

MCCC...means 18th century

an L after this would refer to the later half of the century-but watch out for XC which would mean the 90s.

I-IX after this means the first decade.

X-XIX means the tens

XX-XXIX means the twenties

XXX-XXXIX means the thirties

XL-XLIX means the forties

L-LIX means the fifties

LX-LXIX means the sixties

LXX-LXXIX means the seventies

LXXX-LXXXIX means the eighties

XC-XCIX means the nineties, as said above.

If you memorise this list, you should be able to date numerals at speed.

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