Daytime running lights

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From February 2011 DRLs have become a mandatory fitting to all new cars.  DRLs must switch on with the vehicle ignition and switch off when the vehicle sidelights are switched on. They can also be made to function as front position lights, which must be dimmed when the vehicle sidelights are switched on.

The legislation was introduced to make cars more visible both to other drivers and to pedestrians.

The law (Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations 1989) identifies different types of lights that may be fitted to vehicles, and for running lights, states

Running lamps fitted to satisfy regulation 18 shall be in the form of a matched pair of front lamps, each of which–
(a)is fitted in a position in which an obligatory front position lamp may lawfully be fitted, and
(b)is capable of emitting white light to the front having an intensity of not less than 200 candelas, measured from directly in front of the centre of the lamp in a direction parallel to the longitudinal axis of the vehicle, and of not more than 800 candelas in any direction.
..and they must have the right type approval and markings etc,

If you wish to fit drl's to your car, it can be difficult to get access to the proper  wiring connections.  Its MUCH easier to wire your new lights into the sidelight circuit, just be connecting to a sidelight wire. This connection doesn't comply with the new law.

However a simple solution is available.  The RLVR also allows "front position lights"  and the ONLY requirement is that they must be white. Not blue, red, yellow ... and work from the same switch as  the existing "front position lights" (sidelights).  They can be as bright or dim as you like.

There are plenty to choose from on Ebay but a word of advice.  For decent daylight visibility look for LED lights that state either the wattage - and look for at least 2W per light; or the lumens (thats the light output) where you should expect over 300lm.  Many cheaper lights use words like super bright hyper white - means nowt.  If it doesnt say the watts or the lumens DONT BUY IT IT WILL BE CR*P.  Also the number of LED's is no guide to the brightness.
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