Dealers who sell original art part 2. RE:'my response'.

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Hello fellow ebayers!Having read Mr Karlens response with considerable interest it is NOT my fault or my problem that Mr karlen tries to pass the buck and blame ME for why he didn't recieve HIS mail.If he was SO worried about his standing and his business intergrety then WHY didn't he report the theft of a letter that was addressed to him and ONLY HIM?I sent my letter to the address he gave me and this was:8745 FERNDALE ROAD #146 DALLAS TEXAS 75238.

The address IS accurate because he confirmed it for me in an email from him dated 8/11/06.If a ''mistake'' was made ( Mr Karlen LOVES blaming others) then i could see him saying Ferndale road was the wrong address,Not that i made a mistake with adding an  erronious zip code(!) and what post man worth his salt is going to let the  somebody who is NOT the recipient claim a letter that they are NOT entitled to?NO mistake was made as there can't be that many DAVID G KARLENS in Dallas. If there was a problem then why wasn't the letter redirected to his business address?

Mr karlens argument is weak and insulting and now he is shouting injustice he makes NO effort to explain why HE did NOTHING.Interferring with U.S post is a FERDERAL OFFENCE i believe (a legal eagle like Mr Karlen should know that and he would know how to pursue a claim and protect HIS interests,surely?) and the inescapable fact is that i sent a signed for and internationally recorded letter to Mr Karlen and  that he was too ignorant or stupid to recieve it is pure fantasy that gives Mr karlen a justification for not reporting it.He neglects to say that he had the tracking number (#RI 8439 6900 6GB) for the letter and that he WAS checking the letters progress.

I originally sent the money on october 5th 2006 and waited for him to recieve it-having regular contact with him from the 5th of october to the 7th  of  november 2006.At NO TIME  did he give me any indications that he had any problems with his mail of ANY kind but after a month  he said that he still  hadn't recieved the letter,suggesting to me that it had been ''stolen''.HE a should have known because when i contacted the royal mail on november 7th 2006, they informed me that the letter had been signed for on october 20th at 10.47am-TWO weeks earlier.

Now,seeing as though Mr Karlen was checking the items progress he should have been able to tell ME this but when i told HIM about it he tried to tell me that when he typed in my tracking number into  his  delivery system that it was telling him that the item was still on it's way:why was the U.S postal service system giving him 3 week old information?I knew at that point(7/11/06),so why didn't he?The only reason that fits the facts is that he was LYING.

I have paid for items on ebay over 20 times using ''international signed for'' services and NOT ONE envelope has failed to arrive or disappeared or been devoid of it's contents.So,it appears as though Dave Karlen lied to me for a fortnight-WHY ELSE would Mr Karlen avoid investigating an address near enough  (10.3 miles from ferndale road to zipcode 75254 which seems to be in the area of Hughs lane in Addison in north Dallas) to be investigated and far enough away for it to be conspicuous?Mr karlen asserts...

''I know this bidder is upset -an understatment- but there was no fraud,misdirection,or anything to report to the police....''

 REALLY? Mr karlen had his mail REDIRECTED and signed for without his knowledge and/or consent and there is nothing to  be concerned about? DON'T insult the intelligence of myself or the other ebayers(!) reading this!

My opinion of mr karlen is bourne out by his reply as he was unhelpful,lazy,selfish and arrogant and contrary to what he says i asked him 4-5 times to make a claim from the U.S postal service and all he he did was provaricate,stall and lie to me.

''i spoke with the  post office and my mail carrier about the matter, and there response was that if you send cash in the mail ,then it's just stolen....''

How convenient.This is the most pathetic and risible story that STILL doesn't  get him to tell THE TRUTH!

This is the whole point too: if Mr karlen is so bothered about his good name and character then  he can prove he  made a claim and provide the documentation not his word -which i don't trust anyway- that these (highly subjective)  conversations even took place.I can  provide ALL of the relevent documentation from the listing to the winning notification,the payment details,his user information request (U.I.R) and ALL of his emails.

Ultimately,i am not responsable for a mess that dave karlen made for himself:given the circumstances he did NOTHING to exhonorate himself and it is a little late to puff out his chest proclaiming his integrety which he damaged by his own actions-with out proof to the contrary,Mr karlen clearly does not see /accept see that he is the prime suspect which he could have alleviated (like any normal person would-HORRIFIED to be accused of THEFT)but his silence and lack of assistance put him clearly in the frame don't they?if he had made a claim and helped instead of doing NOTHING then i would not be wasting my time doing something that gives me NO PLEASURE,believe me.

Even now,all mr Karlen is doing is serving himself  in a  belated damage limitation exercise and if  he was  such a concerned businessman and valued ALL of his customers then this would not have happened.

****Mr Karlen****: I DO hope you are reading this. If you are so affronted sir,then i am willing to lay my case before EBAY any time you deem fit as i don't make unfounded slurs,or erronious comments about people.I  can prove with reasonable certainty  my side of the story which will make interesting reading for the folks at EBAY.

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