Dealing With Bad Ebayer's

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It's a jungle out there....

We all have our every day lives and ebay can't always be top priority, so when I have multiple bids on various items and I win something but if I haven't paid "immediately" I start receiving rude messages from the seller, it makes me want to cancel the purchase and move on. It's amazing how so many people lack basic manners and are able to wrong you by leaving nasty feedback or not putting enough postage on your item and really there's nothing you can do about it. This recently happened to me with a rather nasty little man who clearly has a little scam of his own going on. He sells ladies tops and writes a whole load of rubbish about how he washes, irons and wraps the item but I realised after winning a thin, cotton top that most of the other tops I received last week, and I bought 8 from ebay, were only costing on average £1.80 to send to me 1st class but he was charging over double! I messaged him, really out of annoyance that he was a scammer and I asked if he could reduce the postage cost. He literally freaked out and gave me such abuse and he outlined "why" he charged more for postage and it was laughable. He said that he bought expensive wrapping items, took lot's of time washing garments and then added another £1 on top for him to "walk to the post office" I wrote back and told him that I too wrap my "clean" garments in tissue paper and ensure I post them as soon as possible but that I found him really aggressively rude.
I paid for the item.
It arrived in a taped up plastic carrier bag and had a green star card on it (like the ones you get on a market stall) He sent me an apology......then another couple of annoying and needless messages, droning on that he was going to discount my postage costs as a "good will gesture" but what annoyed me was when my postman popped that little white card through my door stating that I had to collect my parcel from the sorting office due to insufficient postage!!!! What an absolute jerk this guy must be. But he clearly gave the game away about his crafty and dishonest scam and to add insult he told me in his feed back that I'm a con artist and a skank.....
What a great guy he must be huh?

Just beware as a buyer and try to familiarise yourself with rough postage costs.

Happy Bidding!

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