Dealing with Non-Payers

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Having just read Gary's report on when to give negative feedback,he is not alone with this dilema. Having just sold 3 items to one buyer and then sending invoice he questioned my totals. I told him sellers delivery price is clearly stated at time of bidding in the original posting. I would send hime the further 2 items at  lower postage which worked out £0.50p per item. He then without any further emails or correspondance reported me for excessive postal charges and refused to pay? I had sold 20 items in the last 2 weeks at the same postal charge with no negative correspondance and positive feedback on all the items. So where am I going wrong? I send to certain countries only recorded delivery due to past experiences of the mysterious none arrival and having to refund cost of the item, when you know its arrived so hence the stance on recorded delivery. I do like the paypal postage system as its at least some guarantee of proof that you have posted it and its in the hands of the Royal Mail. I have just entered 3 non-payment strikes against him and left feedback alone as I feel for every 100 ebayers there is always going to be 1 who spoils the experience for us all. I think ebay should suspend feedback ability when this happens to buyers on both sides.

Well thats my experience. This does give you a chance to air your views glad I found it (with a little help fom Gary!)

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