Dealing with negative feedback

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In the past I like many others presumably have been given negative feedback for something in which they have done nothing wrong. Recently I sold an item and it was sent via email to the individual. He claimed the documents emailed contained a virus, even though my virus checker and the hotmail attachment virus checker screened them and they were given the all clear. I emailed this person the same information 3 times using different email addresses (hotmail, yahoo etc..) to make sure it wasn't some kind of flaw. The individual then gave me feedback saying "got the product a day after purchase, the two emails had virus! poor standard". The guy gave me 1 day to fix the problem before he gave me negative feedback. Since then I have emailed him countless times asking whether the information worked and if it did could he withdraw his feedback. I have heard nothing back. Now how can ebay help myself and many others like me protect against stupid feedback like this. It makes you want to change your own feedback for the other buyer and given them negative. I have had no problems with other buyers of the same product but of course people looking at my feedback will assume the item does not work. It drives me nuts to think there is no way of stopping idiots like that from saying whatever they wish.
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