Dealing with sellers who dont go through with the sale

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What to do when the psycho sellers attack!

My experience (check my feedback for information about the sellers!)


Whilst reading some of the reviews i thought i should write my own.  In the past few months i have had a few experiences with people who take ebay selling lightly.

I bid on a desk but didnt win it only to receive a second chance offer of just under 100 pounds which i wasnt able to accept as i was on holiday.  Whilst on holiday i checked ebay to find the same desk on sale and i bid on it and won it for just under 50 pounds.  The seller refused to sell it to me.  I complained to ebay and nothing!!

3 months later the same seller left me feedback which was complete lies and surprise suprise, ebay did nothing!  She even left follow up comments which were complete lies, including saying that i had received an unpaid strike - again complete lies but is allowed to do as ebay doesnt interfere with feedback even if it is lies and could be subject to legal action for diminishing character.

I am now receiving, on a regular basis, harassing messages calling me a stalker!  Hmm, isnt it strange how someone sends me messages calling me a stalker and yet i dont reply, just redirect the message to ebay, who yet again do nothing!!

I am not sure what kind of person is doing the harassing but it is obviously someone who takes pleasure in using ebay for the wrong purposes.

I have not named the person within this review but please check out my feedback!

My advise to you all is,  if you get a seller who does not go through with the sale, then report them, try and block them (it didnt work for me tho) and if you get any harassing messages report them again - the only way we can get ebay to do something about it is to all do this - ebay only seems to take action for non-paying bidders but sellers are allowed to get away with it (maybe thats got something to do with ebay getting fees from sellers and making money from them!).


Until ebay begins to do something about this we are going to have to put up with the psychos that are out there - we all have sales/purchases that dont go exactly right but there is no need for us to have to put up with such poor behaviour!!!!

thank you for taking the time to read this - if you would like any more info please contact me

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