Dear Seller, When are you going to post my Item ?

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Over the years trading on ebay, both as a buyer and a seller Iv experienced items not being delivered by the post office, usally its the seller who gets the blame, but often if you are not at home when the postman calls the item is returned to the sorting office, the postman is suppost to leave a card telling you this, but offen they forget to do so, back when I first started trading, I waited for some weeks for a item, I wrote to the seller who insisted they had posted the item but had no proof of doing so, paypal refunded me my money, three months later the seller contacted me to say the item had been returned to them by the post office marked uncollected,

Some time later I was at the sorting office collecting something for my son, I was ask if Id had a card dropped in as they had been holding a packet for some two weeks, no card had been dropped, luckily I got my packet,

Every now and again I get a buyer contact me saying they have not received there purchase, first thing I do nowadays is to tell them to check with there sorting office, and so far every item as been there waiting to be collected,

So if you have bought a item on ebay and it as not arrived withing a week or so, I suggest you contact you local sorting office as Im sure you will find it there waiting

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