Decanter Buying Guide

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Decanter Buying Guide

Decanters are a useful and elegant way to store and serve many types of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink. They are used most commonly to hold wine and allow the drink to breathe, which improves the taste. When choosing a decanter, buyers should consider the material, its clarity, size, and shape.


Material for Decanters

Most decanters are either crystal or glass. Crystal decanters are typically heavier than glass, slightly more sturdy, and tend to have intricate designs and patterns. They are popular for whiskey, as well as wine. The crystal is typically cut in many facets that create a sparkling look when filled with liquid. Glass decanters are usually less decorative than crystal decanters, which makes them nice additions to rooms with a modern, streamlined interior design.


Clarity of Decanters

A decanter with good clarity allows owners to see the colour and clarity of the liquid within clearly. This gives them an opportunity to judge the quality of the drink based on how it looks. This is especially important for those that decant older bottles of wine that contain sediment. A decanter with excellent clarity allows owners to see when the sediment settles to the bottom and the wine is ready to drink. Decanters with frosted or coloured glass make it difficult to judge the condition of the contents.


Shape of Decanters

Decanters are available in many shapes. Slender decanters with small bases are less stable, which means that they are more likely to be knocked over than those with larger bases. Wine and port decanters are typically round, whereas whiskey decanters are often square. For those that use their decanters to let their wine breathe, a wider neck allows more air to reach the drink, which speeds up the process.


Size of Decanters

Most standard decanters hold around 750 ml of drink, which is also the standard size of most wine bottles. However, there are also smaller and larger decanters. Some people prefer smaller decanters when serving a drink with a high alcohol content. However, larger decanters are better for parties.

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