Decanters - Let It Breathe

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If there is one thing that you must include in your kitchen cupboard it is a decanter.
Not the cut glass, floral designed thin necked type that we were handed down in abundance, almost always used for the sherry that was brought out at Christmas for Aunty Dot, and had probably been around since her previous visit!

No! A flat bottomed wide necked clear glass decanter.

This lets the wine breath, a very important aspect for the enjoyment of even the most modest evening tipple.

Most wine purchased in this country is drunk within 2 hours of purchase ( that Long I hear you say) so it really does need a little help letting the genie out of the lamp so to speak.

Whether you are having an Aussie Shiraz or an expensive Burgundy, every bottle however humbly deserves some TLC.

As soon as you get home from your daily toil or domestic duties, slosh the bottle into the decanter, no need to make this a ceremonial act, and leave it whilst you go for a run, walk the dog write a poem or whatever and leave it to contemplate its own part in your evenings relaxation.

It does not matter if it’s a chilli con Carne, a chicken Madras, or a rib-eye steak please give the wine a chance.

Try it you will be amazed at the difference it makes.

Cheerie Bye

Forever thirsty,


Gala Magnum Decanter


Third Millennium Decanter

Wine Decanter with Glass Aerating Funnel



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