Deck of the Day - Revolting and loving it!

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Students, Watch out! Professor Crowler is back, and he's better than ever. and he's ready to teach all of you the art of dueling with his new Machine's Re-Volt Structure Deck!

This deck is packed with all new Ancient Gear Monsters like Ancient Gear Dragon, and Ancient Gear Engineer! Become the teacher's pet and show off the true power of up to 12 all new cards!

Including for the first time, Yugi's Gadget Trio! A set of monsters that create advantage by swarming the field! Then spring the ultimate machine trap, Stronghold the Moving Fortress, a 3000 ATK Trap Monster!

So here we are the Machine's are revolting...

We have two Sakretsu armor's and a heavy strom, yep that's two Sak's and storm! So buy it now. Oh and a few other cards or so they tell me.

Oh them well yeh a few widgets, oops gadgets. A pink, lilac ok in all serious ness (no relation to loch ness) its not a typo its charcter! lol

Green connects to red, red connects to yellow, yellow connects oh well you get the picture - summon summon summon.

Now then there is Ancient Gear's - Castle, beast, golem, cannon, tank, engineer, soldier, sailor, tinker. oops lost it again. TWO SAK's!!!! STORM and...

LIMITER REMOVAL - Why are you still standing there? Do you not want to ever win a duel ( and that is not easy to say as a now extinct Dino's Rage man myself) Dragon, oh and Stonghold the moving fortress - 3000 ATK! nuff said.

oh its only £5.50 and postage at Out of This world Cards - (£1.50 in UK and Eire, recorded delivery). LOL ...I must be mad all those years searching for Ancient Gear Golem and now its everywhere !! LOL LOL LOL.

Take me away to the padded room before I kill a Konami executive.

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