Decorating your christmas tree

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Skinny tree...

Been asked as a bzzagent to write an eBay guide. Seeing as it's nearly christmas what better thing to write a guide on than something Christmassy! Let's be merry!
If like me you have a slim sad looking fake christmas tree then it's best to bulk out the middle of the tree and hide that centre with some good quality thick tinsel of a similar colour to the tree. My tree is black so have found some black tinsel and you really can't tell I have any tinsel on my tree at all (I'm not a fan but it's personal preference if you use as decoration too). 

Colour theme...
If like me you don't want a busy looking tree then stick to 2 or 3 colours for the decorations. I use silver, bright pink and blue. I find the contrast against the black tree makes the baubles really stand out. And the more baubles the better (just take a look at the picture below!) 

lights or or no lights....
While decorating my tree this year I discovered all my lights no longer work :(maybe bzzagent can send me some new lights for next christmas (hunt hint)) So I left them off (save on the electric too!)  I really enjoyed decorating the tree without having to fight  with metre after metre of wires! And I must admit I am impressed by the outcome, my tree is just as shiny and fabulous without them.  

All my my advice could be easily used if you have a real tree for the festive period. And one final tip for those who have fake trees and little ones about.....when you pop a bauble on the branch then bend the end of the  branch (last cm will do) upwards, that way if they go to pull off the bauble stays on that branch :-) 

happy decorating!! :-) 
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