Dedicating Crystals to Good Use.

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Once you have cleansed your crystals (see my guide here - for cleansing suggestions,) they are ready to be dedicated to good use. You will need to dedicate each crystal no matter why you have chosen to use them. Dedicating crystals allows you to spend time with your crystals before using them. It also allows the crystals an opportunity to get to know your energy.

When some people get a new crystal they ask it if it will be willing to work with them.  When you try this and a positive answer isn't felt then the crystal may need further cleansing. Try asking again up to 3 times after re-cleansing. If you still don't get a positive response the crystal may not be ready to work with you. Give it time and keep handling it or keeping it close to you. When you feel as though the crystal is ready to work with you, it can be dedicated.

Dedicating your crystals involves making it known that only the most positive energy may flow through a crystal and that it can be only be used for good. A dedication focuses this intention which will help prevent negative energy remaining in/on a crystal. Negative energy may remain after cleansing and be passed on to the crystal user. Dedicating crystals to the highest good helps protect the crystals energy.

Choose somewhere quiet for your dedications where you won't be disturbed. Pick up a crystal at a time in your hands and close your eyes. Take deep breaths and focus your energy on the purpose of your dedication. Visualise a ray of white light beaming down over your crystal. Feel yourself filling up with positive energy with every breath in. Direct this energy towards the crystal with every breath out.
Make a statement out loud or in your head that the crystal will only be used for the highest good.It should be similar to this example and repeated 3 times:
"I dedicate this Fluorite to the highest good and ask its help to alleviate the pain in my ankles."
Dedicating like this sets the crystals vibrations in harmony with your reason for using a particular crystal.

For each crystal you are using you would need to do a specific dedication. The more specific to you the better the dedication, and the more targeted the crystals energy will be. You will need to re-dedicate after each cleansing especially if you use a crystal for more than one reason. This is important to ensure that every crystal knows what is being used for and where its energy is needed. Repeated dedications will accumulate in the crystals energy and make it more powerful over time.

Programming Clear Quartz is similar to dedicating it, but it goes deeper. As part of the dedication you should build in talking to the Quartz. Tell it exactly what is wrong, why you chose to use it and how you would like to feel after using it. Doing this enables a deeper connection between you and the Quartz. A bond will have been developed between you that will continue into the future and between cleansings, Clear Quartz is the only truly programmable crystal.
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