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Mesh Count - the number of apertures or wires in a linear inch. Most meshes are square wpven and will have the same count in both warp and weft.

Warp - the wires running lengthwise in a roll of mesh

Weft (or shute) - the wires running transversely accress the mesh width

Open (or free) Area - the proportion of aperture expressed as a percentage of the whole area

Aperture - hole size

Selvedge - the finished edge formed by looped

Plain Weave - is woven from wires of the same diameter for both warp and weft, arranged in a symmetrical "over one and under one" patter to provide square openings of precise dimensions

Twill Weave - is woven so that the individual wires in one direction pass over two and under the next two cross wires. It is less rigid than plain weave and is often used in very fine meshes

Hollander (dutch) Weave - is made with relatively thin weft wires packed closely together, and thicker more widely spaced warp wires. It resembles a 'basket' weave and does not have square apertures. Dimensionally very stable and having high bursting strength it is suitable for pressire filtration where a large open area is not required. Hollander cloth can be woven plain, twill, or reverse twill formant, in stainless and mild steel.

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