Del Prado Cavalry Through The Ages - A Quick Guide

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This is a brief guide to the Del Prado partwork - Cavalry Through The Ages. This subscription started in the UK in August 2007. My guide is aimed at UK collectors who may be interested and overseas collectors who may not have such easy access to information or figures. My interest is both personal and professional as I collect Del Prado figures as a hobby and I also sell them in my eBay toy soldier store: Drum & Flag

First Uploaded: 08/07. Last Updated: 02/07/09 - Received letter from Del Prado saying they have moved Customer Service. So it could be this series kicks back into life having not received anything for sometime?

Following on from their excellent previous toy soldier collections Del Prado's latest offering is Cavalry Through The Ages. From the literature I have seen so far this will be a three phase collection. In the first phase new 1:30 scale cavalry figures will be offered covering periods not previously touched by other collections. Phases 2 & 3 will be reissues of some/all of the Napoleonic and Medieval figures already released in the Cavalry of the Napoleonic Wars and Medieval Warriors series. Osprey booklets will once again be presented with each figure. UK subscribers are offered a model PzIV and a pocket watch as free gifts when signing up for the series.

Free Gift - PzIV

The Issues

1. Marlborough Cavalryman at Blenheim

2. Trooper, German 1st Cavalry Division, Russia, 1941

3. Trooper, 4th Dragoons, Light Brigade at Balaclava, Crimea 1854

4. British Cavalry in World War One. The End of the Road.

5. Turenne & Conde. Turenne at the Battle of the Dunes, 1658

6. Caesar's Cavalry. Cavalry Officer, Numidia, 100 BC

7. The Conquistadors. The Quest for Spanish Gold

8. Confederate Cavalry. Captain, Cavalry, 1862

9. French Cavalry in Italy 1494-1529. French Gendarmes.

10. French Cavalry 1815-85. Chasseur d'Afrique c1850

11. Dutch Cavalry 1568-1648. Frederick Henry II of Orange.

12. Louis XIV's French Cavalry. Musketeer of the Guard.

13. North African Spahis, c. 1900

14. The Cavalry of Frederick the Great. Prussian Heavy Cavalry at Leuthen

15. The Northwest Frontier, 1837-1907. NCO. 18th Bengal Lancer 1888

16. Alexander's Cavalry. Officer, Thessalian Cavalry c. 330 BC

17. French Cavalry at Yorktown, 1781. Hussar, Lauzun's Legion

18. Polish Cavalry 1569-1696. Polish Winged Hussar, Vienna 1683

19. Celtic Cavalry. Gallic Warriors, 3rd-2nd Century BC

20. Early Imperial Chinese Cavalry. Armoured Cavalryan c.AD 300

21. Austrian Cavalry 1836-66. Trumpeter, 7th Uhlans c. 1855

22. Italian Cavalry in WW1. Sub-Lt Savoy Cavalry Regt. 1915

23. Royalist Cavalry of the English Civil War 1642-51. Prince Rupert

24. Louis XV's Cavalry. Trooper, Nicolai Dragoon Regiment c 1730

25. Peter the Great's Cavalry. Dragoons at Poltava, 1709

26. Ancient Assyrian Cavalry. Ashurnasirpal's Cavalry. c. 850 BC

27. Prussian Cavalry 1870-71. Magdeburg Cuirassier Trooper.

28. Mughul Cavalry. Afghan Tribal Warrior. c.1600

29. Cavalry of the French Foreign Legion. Sergeant, Mounted Companies, Early 1930's.

30. English Tudor Cavalry. Yeoman of the Guard. 1520-40.

31. The Cavalry of New Spain. Cuera Dragoon. 1700's.

32. Arab Cavalry in WW1. Mounted Infantryman, Sharifan Army.

33. General Washington's Cavalry. Officer, Continental Light Dragoon, 1781

34. The Cavalry of Gustavus Adolphus. King Gustavus Adolphus at Lutzen 1632.

35.Cavalry of the Swabian League. Free Lancer, 1524 - 26

36. Cavalry of the "Risorgimento", 1850-70. Neopolitan Guard of Honour

37. Spain: Enemy of Rome. Hispanic Cavalrymen, 2nd Century BC

38. French Cavalry in WW1. Dragoon 1916.

39. British Household Cavarly 1815-1900. Officer, Royal Horse Guards, 1833

40. US Cavalry 1850 - 90. Sgt 1st US Cavalry 1872.

I have not received any more issues after this so I presume that is it.

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