Deposit required within 24 hours

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We tend to require a deposit so we can know for sure if a winning bidder has intentions of coming through with the rest of the money. This is very important to us when we are selling a high value item such as a vehicle.

We have to clean/prepare/sometimes re-mot/cancel other adverts from other magzines/ and turn away other interest in the sold vehicle.

So on a private sale basis, this is not so important to the seller, though we would all like being paid and not messed around.

We won a cheap vehicle on ebay a few months ago only to have the seller call us several times for his deposit. In hindsight, which is crystal clear, we should have told him to Fu%& off. We paid the £300 deposit via paypal but only to find that the vehicle for sale was a complete minger. It had evidence of accident damage/miscoloured panels etc etc.

We refused to accept this vehicle as it was badly misdescribed. We put in a paypal dispute immediately.

Paypal agreed with us and gave us about £130 from the other guys account.

As the dodgy seller cleared out his paypal account, thats all we could get back at the moment.

Anyway, our debt collectors will sort the rest but so much for BUYER PROTECTION.

Our experience is PAYPAL IS A JOKE.

If a seller bugs you for a deposit, tell them you refuse until you have seen the vehicle, and that you are about to pull out of the deal if they dont shut up.

Bugging customers is not a good way of closing the deal.

Deposit? tell them to whistle for it unil you have seen the vehicle.



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