Desertfest in London Ticket Buying Guide

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Desertfest in London Ticket Buying Guide

Desertfest is an annual music festival for underground music that started in Camden Town, London. This music festival has established itself as the must-attend event of the year, making it a time when fans of stoner, doom, and psychedelic rock come together and thrash their heads to their favourite bands. Desertfest in London features over 50 bands comprised of local and international acts within three days. This festival is the brainchild of Desertscene, a promotion company who have been around since 2009. Desertfest was simultaneously launched on April 2012 in both London and Berlin.

Fans who are serious about supporting the underground music scene should know the different types of tickets that may be purchased for Desertfest and the many venues of the festival. Additionally, fans should know the notable bands that have played in the festival as well as how to get to Camden Town. For those who plan to stay for the weekend should also be aware of what else to do in town and where to stay when visiting for Desertfest London.

Desertfest in London Tickets

Tickets for the Desertfest in London are classified into day or weekend. For day tickets, there are "Friday Only", "Saturday Only" and "Sunday Only" tickets. For multi-day tickets, on the other hand, there are "2 Day" and "3 Day Weekend" tickets. Because all of the Desertfest venues have bands that are playing simultaneously, do not expect to be able to watch every single one of them.

Ticket Type



3 Day Weekend

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday


2 Day Weekend

Saturday and Sunday


Day Only

Friday, Saturday, or Sunday


Choosing among the three tickets depends on the number of bands that the person wishes to see. Some fans prefer to watch bands that they follow, while others prefer watching most of them and do so by walking to and from the various venues.

Desertfest in London Venues

Just like other festivals, the Desertfest London festival is not confined to a single stage. If the band playing on stage does not suit one's tastes, he or she is free to wander to another venue. Below is a quick description of the various venues that fans can go in and out during the festival.





Wheelchair Accessibility

The Electric Ballroom

Stage 1 of Desertfest; has been around since the 1930s; cornerstone of Camden alternative scene; has street parking

184 Camden High Street, Camden Town, London, NW1 8 QP

1100 people


The Underworld

Stage 2 of Desertfest; popular haunt of underground music fans; best for stage diving; no parking

174 Camden High Street, Camden Town, London, NW1 0NE

500 people


The Black Heart

Desertfest venue for the merchandise market and wristband exchange; plays acoustic acts and rock bands throughout the day; no parking

3 Greenland Place, Camden Town, London, NW1 0AP

100 people


The Jazz Cafe

Blues and 70s classic rock; parking available for blue badge and green badge holders; outdoor seating

5 Parkway, Camden Town, London, NW1 7PG

400 people


Desertfest London has partnered with venues such as "The Electric Ballroom", "The Underworld", "The Black Heart", and "The Jazz Cafe". While these places are just a few minutes walk from each other, it is best to have a general idea of the bands that one wishes to see in advance. For persons with disability, consider calling the venue in advance so they can make the necessary preparations.

Desertfest in London Bands

Notable bands that have played in Desertfest London are Ufommunut, Zoltan, Skeleton Gong, Hexvessel, Fatson Jetson, The Machine, Castle, The Shrine, Mother Corona, House of Broken Promises, Church of Misery, Deville, Groan, War Iron, Glowsun, and Norwegian Heaviness, among others. Each year, Desertfest includes up-and-coming and established bands from all over the world as part of their line-up, allowing fans to hear the best of the best of undiscovered non-mainstream music.

How to Get to Desertfest in London

There are many ways to get to Desertfest in London. Fans can get to the festival through bus, air, rail, or car. The following table details specific instructions on how to do just that.




Get a travel card to pay for the bus; look for a bus that stops at N279, N253, N134, N31, N29, N20, N5, C2, 274, 253, 214, 168, 134, 88, 46, 31, 29, 27, and 24; look for stop nearest one's chosen venue


Take the Northern Line and get off at the Camden Town underground station


Drive a car via the M25 to Camden; input the postal code of the particular venue on the satellite-navigation to get turn-by-turn directions; consider booking car parks in advance to guarantee a parking slot as these quickly fill up

Public transportation is advised because parking can be difficult in Camden Town, London due to its narrow streets. Furthermore, due to the increased influx of people, one can easily get stuck in a traffic jam. Consider taking a bus, taxi, or train to get to Camden and simply walk around when reaching Desertfest.

Where to Stay for Desertfest in London

Fans that come from out of town or other parts of the globe may also wish to get the proper accommodations in Camden Town, London. These are some of the suggested hotels within the area: Hampstead Britannia, Studios2Let, Generator Hostel, Megaro Hotel, and Holiday Inn Camden, among others. Make sure to book early to beat the rush.

What to Do in Camden Aside From Desertfest

While the Desertfest venues also offer great food aside from live music, there are those who may want to to take a break from the loud music. Those who want to have more than just beer in their stomach should explore the town. Camden is known for its street markets, which sell crafts, fast food, clothing, and household ornaments. Most of these stalls are owned by independent traders who make and sell their own products, which typically make their offerings unique and one-of-a-kind. Every weekend, over a hundred thousand people visit the Camden markets so make sure to swing by and take a look at it while in the area.

Other Camden attractions are the Camden catacombs, St. Michael's Church, Carreras Cigarette Factory, Jewish Museum, the Arlington House, and the home of Rimbaud and Verlaine, among others. Aside from the street market, there are also a large number of restaurants and pubs to sample while in town.

Shopping for Desertfest in London Tickets on eBay

Desertfest fans who want to purchase tickets may do so on eBay by keying in the item that they are looking for on its homepage. For example, you can type in "Desertfest London tickets" to find fellow fans who need to sell their tickets. You should be able to find those who are selling single day or multi-day tickets. If you are the type who hates wasting their time stuck at the end of a long queue at the ticket booth, then go to eBay to escape it.

If you are not from Camden, eBay is also a great place to book all the things that you need such as your accommodations, flights, and other travel tickets. This one-stop shop allows you to coordinate all of these from your mobile phone or your desktop computer. Even better, for those who are lucky enough, there are also many offers for tickets, accommodations, and more that is below face value.

Before buying tickets from any seller, however, make sure to evaluate them carefully. The best way to ensure an easy and trouble-free transaction is to check if his or her feedback rating is above 99 per cent. Additionally, it is important to check if the seller has a refund policy in case the ticket is not honoured during the event proper. Lastly, ask as many questions as you can before purchasing the tickets. Being an informed seller can minimise disappointments and surprises throughout the buying process.


People who live and breathe underground music in the form of stoner and psychedelic rock should purchase their tickets to the annual Desertfest in London. These tickets are available in single-day and multi-day varieties, and each year, the festival is typically held in "The Electric Ballroom", "The Black Heart", "The Underworld", and "The Jazz Cafe", among others. A wide range of underground bands have played in Desertfest London with more introduced each year.

For those who are wondering how to get to Camden Town, London, the festival is accessible via bus, rail, car, or plane. Fans who are availing of the multi-day tickets and need a place to stay should find a large number of hotels and inns near the festival venue. Those who wish to stay after the festival is over to explore the sights and sounds of Camden should consider visiting the Camden street markets along with their many attractions. When planning the trip to the Desertfest, think about buying the tickets and booking all the necessary accommodations on eBay to save on both time and money.

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