Designer Clocks

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People often ask me what makes a clock designer. I guess the answer falls into a number of categories:

1. Is the clock bespoke?

2. How many clocks are around?

3. Was the clock made for the mass market or a niche market?

To me, the answer is all three. If you have a clock in every home, it's definitely not designer, however, if it's in one out of every ten thousand homes, then it's probably designer and offers that certain something outside the norm.We sell hundreds of clocks all around the world and people generally buy from us for the second and third reasons - they're pretty sure their friends won't have one, so it stands out from the crowd!

Remember, a clock isn't purely a functional instrument. You need to chose the clock that's right for you and your home. It should fit in with its environment, so whether you have a dark chocolate wall, providing a soft and warm feeling - why not go for a dark faux suede wall clock? Functional, yet aesthetically pleasing or whether you have a light wall and simple light clock will do it - it's your choice!

The general clock gone past functionality and into clear artistic designs, to suit all homes.

We have over one hundred clocks catering for all tastes and styles. Why not check out our eBay shop for more design ideas.


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