Designer Golf Clothes Buying Guide

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Designer Golf Clothes Buying Guide

Golf wear that is worn on the course will normally need to be smart but adaptable to the playing circumstances. Most golf clubs will have their own dress code regulations, which must be complied with. Players spend a lot of time standing, swinging, and retrieving balls, so their clothes will need to be comfortable and breath well. It is also advisable to own at least one spare set of golf clothing, as clothes should appear to be clean and ironed.

When shopping on eBay for designer golf clothes, there are an abundance of suitable colours, fabrics, and styles available. For warm weather, it is sensible to choose natural fabrics like cotton that will absorb the moisture from the player’s skin and allow air to circulate.

For colder weather, layering cashmere jumpers over a polo shirt and thermals will protect players well against colder fronts. Waterproof golf wear is acceptable on the course when it is raining, as is engineered wind proof gear when it is windy. Caps may be worn where required, as is the case with shorts during hot weather spells.

Golf Club Dress Codes

Although the rules will vary slightly according to what golf club that players use, there is a general set dress code for the game. If players are unsure of whether what they are wearing is suitable for use in their golf club then they should consult the dress code that is provided.

Normally, men’s polo shirts must have collars and sleeves, and be worn tucked in to either formal golf trousers or smart, long golf shorts. If shorts are worn, these must be teamed with a pair of clean white socks and golf shoes must be worn at all times.

Golf shoes should be worn instead of trainers. These will need to appear to be clean and will often have spikes at the bottom to improve grip and control. There tends to be more flexibility on golf jumpers that are considered to be suitable, but V-necks are the most widely used items.

Round necks may also be worn, as occasionally can jumpers with zip-up necks. All of these items of clothing should be worn in flexible cuts that allow the player an unrestricted swing.

Designer Golf Shirts

Smart polo shirts should be worn with a buttoned neck, collar, and sleeves that either cover or go beyond the shoulders. If a logo is worn on the shirt it should be discreet and golf related. Large logos and images on designer polos are not normally acceptable unless they are worn as an approved team shirt during a competition. Low cut necks on ladies golf shirts are not permitted and items should be worn slightly looser than normal to ensure that movement is unrestricted.

Golf shirts should be tucked in to trousers, so they must be worn at an appropriate length to do so.

Most golf shirt brands will supply two types of fabric for their cotton polo shirts, which will be either soft or bumpy in texture. Cotton fabric with tiny bumps in it is known as pique weave and is more popular for use in sportswear. A cotton shirt that is smooth to touch has what is called an interlocking weave.

Wind proof or other similarly engineered fabrics from designer clothes brands may also be worn and can provide unique advantages. Brands include:

  • Dunning
  • IJP Design
  • Under Armour
  • Polo
  • Antigua
  • Adidas
  • Nike

See the table below for more details on the fabric of golf clothes.




Stain resistance




Machine washable


Weather suitability



100 percent cotton



Yes - avoid hot temperatures

   Hot conditions

Mid range

  Cotton blends




   Hot and cold


  Engineered fabrics




   Windy, hot, and cold


Designer Golf Trousers

The key to finding a good pair of men or ladies’ golf trousers is to find the appropriate size for legs and hips. If in doubt of what size is worn, the buyer should use a tape measure and check against either the standard EU or UK sizes (as outlined in the chart below). Alternatively the eBay buyer can check against the measurements that are listed on the item’s product description.





Extra Large

















If a person’s measurements fall between the standard ranges for each size it is a better idea to buy golf trousers that are slightly too large.

Professionals tend to use trousers in plain colours, such as:

  • brown
  • white
  • Or black.

Some will wear tartan or tweed designs instead. The style of trousers worn is down to personal choice and club guidelines.

Designer Golf Jumpers

Golf jumpers can be worn in many different designs for golf games, as the weather in Britain tends to vary a lot. V-neck golf jumpers are the traditional choice of golfers, as they expose the neck of polo shirts, which can be worn buttoned up or undone. Round neck golf jumpers are also a good choice, as they offer additional heat protection for the neck and can conceal T-shirts underneath them, so long as they are not exposed within the grounds of the club.

Cashmere golf jumpers are a popular choice, as cashmere offers superior insulation to equivalent weights of wool and is very soft to touch. Wool golf jumpers are a less expensive option that can also feel very soft to touch, and this yarn offers the same breathable qualities as cashmere. Acrylic golf jumpers are also available at a wider range of prices. These items are good insulators but do not usually circulate air as well as natural fabrics would. There are some very good engineered fabrics available that are more breathable.

Below is a table that outlines the relative merits of the properties of these fabrics.







Very warm

High to medium



Less warm








Very good

High to medium




Designer Golf Clothing Accessories

A great selection of accessories from elite golf wear brands is available on eBay at competitive prices. Additional items that you may wish to consider buying include golf caps, gloves, socks, belts, and golf shoes. The golfer can take their pick from thousands of listings for the latest designer brands and vintage models in a wide range of styles and sizes.

Check List for Buying Designer Golf Clothes from eBay

  • When buying golf clothes, items must appear to be smart and practical.
  • Keep your clothes clean and ironed for use on the course.
  • Check your golf club’s dress code if you think that an item may not be appropriate.
  • Get clothing that is suitable for the weather conditions that you will be playing in.
  • Golf shirts should have a buttoned collar, sleeves, be of a loose fit, and tucked in to well fitted trousers.
  • Trousers should be of an appropriate length and width.
  • A range of jumpers are normally suitable for golfing in, but avoid large logos and pictures.
  • Accessories such as belts, caps, and gloves can also be purchased online via eBay.

Searching for Items on eBay

To find a selection of designer golf clothes on eBay you can either search for the specific items that you are after, or you can narrow your results down by the categories that they fit into. To conduct a search for an item, users must type in keywords that describe what they are looking for. If you are looking for a golf shirt, ‘designer golf shirt’, or ‘polo shirt’ will bring up a broad range of results. To narrow this down you can select from the categories on the left hand side of the page.

If you would prefer to see results that are exclusive to your requirements, select Categories on the eBay home page, then select Sporting Goods and then Golf Clothing. From here you will only see items that sellers have listed as being suitable for golf wear. You can also narrow down your results further by selecting from the categories on the left hand of the page.


Buying designer golf clothing from eBay is straightforward and gives more far options than the eBay buyer might expect. It is one of the UK’s largest shopping destinations and features a huge range of competitively priced items from an unusually large selection of sellers. Thanks to the website’s interactive design, shoppers can enjoy direct communication with the sellers of their prospective purchases and view recent ratings from previous buyers.

During games of golf players are often exposed to a variety of weather conditions. Fortunately there is a strong selection of fabrics that make playing in these conditions more enjoyable. When selecting everyday golf wear, as a general rule it is best to keep items smart, flexible, and well fitted. Combine this with a style that you feel confident in and you will have a great head start when you arrive on the course.

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