Detecting FAKE uggs

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Did you just purchase your first pair of Ugg brand boots? Are you now questioning whether or not they are real or knock-off Uggs? Take a look at this guide and you will be on your way to ensuring that you have true Ugg shoes or boots.A true Ugg boot is made in China. They have been made there for over 2 years now. If you see that they are, "made in Australia" or "made in New Zealand" they are definite fake Uggs.

Ugg boot bottoms have the company logo which is embossed and it says whether the boot is tall or short.

Is the stitching on your Uggs looking rather shoddy? You probably own a fake.

Typical shoe boxes have a top and bottom. A box of Uggs shoes has a flip-top. The middle of the lid says, "Ugg Australia". The lid also has the Ugg logo which is an orange sunburst.

Ugg Australia sells only to authorized dealers. This means that if you think that you are getting an amazing deal on your kids Uggs that it's probably too good of a deal.

Every box of Australian Ugg boots comes with a cream card and paper describing your purchase. Make sure that it's in there!

Fake Uggs don't run a size bigger, as true Ugg sheepskin boots do.

Real Uggs are shorter than a fake one.

Ugg brand boots have a nice, flexible bottom.

A trick that knock-off Ugg makers use is dying wool to make the lining for the boots instead of using sheepskin.

Ugg labels have the letters overlapping. Most fake Ugg boots have space between lettering.

Does the seller you are purchasing your new Ugg boots online from say, "Australian Uggs" or do they say, "Decker" or "Deckers Uggs"? If they don't use the word, "Decker" they are trying to fool you.

Narrow heels and wider ankles are common on a fake Ugg.

Next time you are about to go out in your women's Ugg boots and something is not quite right with them, maybe you should look over this list and make sure that someone didn't pull the wool over your eyes (or your boots for that matter)!

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