Didge Buyers Guide for the Novice

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HI my name is Didgeridoo Pete and i have been playing, teaching and dealing in didgeridoo`s for many years and im tired of people showing me very expensive sticks ( Sticks = Didgeridoo ) that are meant to be something that they are not.

If you are looking to buy a stick as an ornament then don`t read any further as you are after something that just looks nice in the corner of the room and you will find many decrative items on ebay!

If you are intent on buying a stick for yourself to play, then definately read on as it might save you some money and heartache!

Im only going to give you a basic guide as im not going to delve into the origins and history etc etc, im offering this as a basic ebay stick buying guide only.

If you are a beginer then learn on a plumbing inch and a quarter plastic pipe approx 45 inches long as it will help you more than a real stick!

So you want a good stick??

What to look for in the ebay add: Important! don`t judge the stick by its looks as thats just cosmetics!

If you are after a decent stick then do not buy a: Bamboo, Bali made, teak, aboriginal style or anything else thats not atleast made from some species of eucalyptus wood, also be aware that some eucalyptus wood didges are cut down in oz and then shipped to bali to get drilled out and then sent back to oz to get painted to feed the expanding tourist market!

Ask the seller especially if they are a power seller if the stick is a genuine termite eaten one or if its been man made? if they are honest then they will answer honestly!!!

The alledged only genuine stick is made from a species of eucalyptus wood and theres many varieties and comes from a specific region.

Remember: in reality you are buying blind!! 

What to ask the seller: If its listed as Aboriginal and this cant be prooved then its illegal advertising and should be reported! ask about its history and any other info you can find out about it.

Try to find out what species of wood it is and where it came from as theres so many low grade tourist sticks on ebay that arn`t really any good anyway. try to trace its history on the internet if its maker or artist signed etc

In my opinion you will find it very difficult to buy a decent playable stick from ebay irrespective of what the ads say, the very best way to buy a players stick is to physically be there and blow down it as it will either be the one for you or not.

Over the years i have found that the stick usually chooses the player and not the other way round!!


I hope this offers some help?

I could go on for pages and pages about what to look for and how to buy a quality stick etc and get really indepth but its not worth it as you will still buy the good looking ebay rubbish as the ad makes it sound and look fantastic!

If you really want a quality stick then find a real established time served stick maker, importer or seller on the internet or buy one that you can try at a festy or a show etc.


Can you leave some feedback to say wether this was helpfull to you or not please?


Didgeridoo Pete


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