Didgeridoo Practice

Like if this guide is helpful

There are many didgeridoos available. Some better than others. You can practice on anything as a kid I did it with the vacuum cleaner pipe (yuk).

Only recently did I discover the secrets of circular breathing. and here's how;

  1. Start with a cup half full of water and a straw.  
  2. Place the straw in your mouth
  4. Slowly blow into the cup to make a bubbles
  5. Soon you may need to take a breath (crunch time)
  6. Make sure your cheeks are full of air. (Like spitting out water)
  7. Block your mouth of so you are no longer blowing out.
  8. Push the air out of your mouth with your cheeks keeping the bubbles going.
  9. Breath in through your nose at the same time (Yikes)
  10. Start all over again.

This sounds hard and yes it is to begin with. This is the beginning, thanks to the small diameter of the straw you can practice this method. It will be harder with the real didge.

There ended the lesson

Please let me know if this helped.


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