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DIESEL – Spotting the Fakes!

Don't get fooled with cheap Asia-Fakes anymore! This platform is absolutely littered with fake-sellers who advertise their products to be authentic Diesel. Ever read any of those statements: „Guaranteed authentic or money back!“?? Why would a seller say something like that? It doesn't make any sense at all to promote yourself like that, if you sell genuine products! Always be aware that Diesel is a high brand label, which produces excellent quality denim, so it is impossible to sell Diesel items for ridiculously low prices. If you want the Original for a better price than out in the stores, you still got to pay a certain price!
Check out our list below, if you wanna be sure to buy the Original, and – to be absolutely100% sure- next time buy at our shop! ;-)

Signs of authenticity:

- Serial number: There must be a serial number on the tag right above the Diesel-Logo Indian's head!

- Microstitching: Below the script „Made in Italy“ on the tag, there must be a microstiching line on the bottom with a metallic silver yarn. On that fine line strip, there must be the word „Diesel“ printed on it. Mostly the fake producers try to imitate that silver yarn, but there is no script to be seen on it!

- Copper button: The fakers sometimes forget to put a copper button on the type tag!

- Quality of the stitching: the stitching on the logo-tag must be deep and dense and dark, fake items have low quality stitching.

Protect yourself from fakes and make sure you buy real Diesel quality products from honest sellers on eBay! Check out our Trensandbrands Shop, cause with us you're on the safe side! We carry all the European and US high brand labels for reasonable prices with lots of winter specials right now! Register in our newsletter to be always up-to-date.

We'll be happy to answer any further questions!

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