Diesel Generator Buying Guide

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Diesel Generator Buying Guide

Not having power at your office or place of business causes you to lose money and valuable time. Prepare for the worst when you purchase a diesel generator. Diesel generators provide power for hours, and run on diesel fuel. With high amounts of wattage and powerful engines, diesel generators are always there when you need them. Purchase a new or used industrial diesel generator on eBay and never be caught in the dark during a power outage or emergency.


Air-Cooled Diesel Generators

The main difference between various diesel generators is how they cool off. Air-cooled diesel generators use engine air to reduce the risk of overheating. Air-cooled generators contain an air filter, which requires replacement from time to time. Air-cooled generators are usually more affordable than water-cooled generators, and they are lightweight and do not require a radiator to run effectively. One downside to air-cooled diesel generators is that they may not last as long as their water-cooled counterparts and they have a small risk of overheating as well. An air-cooled generator is a good backup generator to have on hand for infrequent use. The generators work quicker than liquid-cooled generators, which is one reason they wear out faster. Some brands to look for include Clarke and Hyundai.


Water-Cooled Diesel Generators

For extended use, water-cooled diesel generators are the safer choice. They last longer than air-cooled generators and run little to no risk of overheating. Water-cooled generators use a cooling system that releases water to the engine. The generators also include a radiator. You have to put more time in to maintaining your water-cooled generator, but it lasts a long time. Make it a habit to keep an eye on the generator's water level and drain ports. Many large generators are water cooled, while smaller models use air. Some water-cooled generators to look for include   generators, Hyundai models, and Pramac generators.


Buying Industrial Diesel Generators

The main difference between other types of diesel generators and industrial diesel generators is power. Pick a diesel generator based on how large your office, restaurant, or building is. A 3,000-watt generator easily powers a small office building, but if you need more power, industrial generators go up to 40,000 watts and more. Each generator has a running time listed on it, so consider that as well before you purchase. Consider buying extra diesel fuel to keep when you are running the generator, and think about whether you need a portable, rolling generator or a stationary generator. Some models are low noise, such as Perkins generators, and some are not, which may be a factor if you require a generator for a hospital or other quiet area. You may also require an electric-start generator. Lastly, consider whether you desire a water-cooled or air-cooled diesel generator, which may involve your budget as well as other considerations.

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