Differance Between Constance Carroll & Collection 2000

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Welcome To A Helping Hand From bargin143

We have been investigating the differance between Collection 2000 Products & Constance Carroll

Firstly both products are produced by the same manufactor, They sell a large number of both named products but why have 2 names for the same thing?

Well from what we understand the Collection 2000 products are ment for the Retail industy & the Constance Carroll are ment for the Wholesale industry now this is where we got confused because surly even the Wholesale cosmetics will reach the Retail customers sooner or later so you would think they would have the same name to make the product easy to sell as everyone knows Collection 2000 but not everyone knows who Constance Carroll is!

We believe there is a little more to it than this & it is our opinion that the only reason for 2 different names for what can only be discribed as the same product is one of a Tax issue..

Each company is allowed to earn so much money before the Goverment start enjoying the proffits that a company is making so by splitting 1 company in to 2 they are now allowed to earn twice the money they could before but this dose come with some disadvantages i.e. extra packaging & twice the amount of paperwork extra staff Etc most of which will be paid for by the company hence reducing the amount of Tax they will need to pay

So in short when searching for those all important bargains on Collection 2000 Products Don't rule out snapping up some Constance Carroll on the way if the price is right as we believe Same Product Different Bottle!!

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