Differences Between HI-Power LED and Ordinary LED

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Differences Between HI-Power LED and Ordinary LED:

  1. Bright---at least 5x more bright than ordinary LED
  2. Lights Intensive---ordinary LED lights are dispersing, you may feel it is very dim sometimes due to reflection through the lense
  3. Hard Metallic Body---heat resistance, it may get hot after using a period time, but it will never be blown
  4. Long life time---ordinary LED bulbs are always builb in 8 or more LED chips to get more bright effect. Sometimes they even build in 18 or 24 LED chips on a single bulb. More LED chips build in a small bulb surface, more chance some of those chips may fail to perform after short period time due to lack of contact
  5. Second generation of LED products---Latest

The only drawback I can think of is the price of these HI-Power LEDs are dear than ordinary LED. Hopefully, we can achieve economies of scale in a short period time in order to reduce our prices to reach our customers' expectations.

After all, I'd like to mention that LED technology has been developed rapidly. It has been maturely used at many aspects of our life, such as high ceiling spot lights, automative lights,etc. I was very delight to see my local Odeon using white LED high ceiling lights while movie playing. They are less disturbance than old filament yellowish light. Especially I'm wearing glasses.

If you have tight budget to change your old filament bulbs to LED ones, just choose some popular ordinary LED bulbs as start. They may not as great as HI-Power LEDs, but still they are far more better and greener than filament bulbs. I'm not saying all the LED bulbs are brighter than filament bulbs. It depends on lots of different elements, such as the size of the bulb you choose, your expectations, the colour of lenses you are using, etc.

I hope this little guide can give you some ideas when you are planning to buy LED products.

Good Luck and Best Regards to all the ebayers,


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