Differences Between HI-Power LED and Ordinary LED

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LED lamps are widely advertised on ebay for use as car lamps, in flashlights and as replacements for common light bulbs.
The advertising blurb often uses words like "high bright" "super bright" or makes a big deal of the number of LED's.
None of this tells you how bright the light will be.

When you buy a lamp we are used to choosing  a "40W" bulb or perhaps a "100W" bulb if we need good light for fine work. We look for a NUMBER that gives a clear idea of how bright the light will be.  Choosing the newer "low energy" lamps (compact fluorescent CFL) the box tells us "40W equivalent".

The number that tells us how bright a light is is the LUMENS. 

Tungsten Lamp    Energy saving CFL          Light Output(Lumens)

25W                                  5-6W                                  220 – 300
40W                                 8-11W                                400 – 550
60W                                13-18W                              850 – 1160
100W                              20-25W                             1200- 1750

When you are choosing LED lamps you should do the same.  Generally, a good LED lamp produces around 100 Lumens per watt; so to replace a 40W tungsten bulb you need a 4W LED lamp.

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