Different Types Of Baby Prams

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There are various types of baby prams available in the market each designed for the comfort of the baby. The options are so many that the people can get confused as to which baby pram will be suitable as per their requirements. When it comes to selecting a baby pram, it is important to buy one which best suits your requirements, lifestyle and routine so that it doesn’t cause discomfort to you and your baby. 

There are prams available today with modern features made using cutting production methonds, parents used to get annoyed with heavy prams but there are now modern baby prams available which are light in weight that have many features which not only give convenience to parents but are safe and comfortable for the babies. When you are shopping for a baby pram, it is a good idea to have knowledge of the different types of prams available in the market. Some of them are detailed below:-

3 in 1 Travel System

A 3 in 1 travel system includes baby pushchair, baby cot and a child car seat. Many times it happens that the child is sleeping in the pram and you need to get him into the car without waking him up. In that case a baby travel system in which a baby car seat is included can be of great help. You can just move your child from the pram to the car without having to switch the seats.

Baby Pushchair

The baby pushchair is very convenient and can easily adjustable according to the baby’s age. The flat position is perfect for the new born baby and the toddler always wants to sit and is curious to look here and there. So the seat of the baby pushchair can be adjusted accordingly. Another advantage of the baby pushchair is that it is easy to fold and light in weight so it can be carried in a public transport easily.

Baby Pram with Fixed or Swivel Wheels

A baby pram with fixed wheels is a traditional pram which can be used on any type of rough terrain or a road with snow. It is an ideal pram for your baby as it is more durable, the wheels have a broad base and so they can move on any type of terrain. The baby pram with swivel wheels is adjustable and can move in small spaces like shops or narrow streets. The lock system on the swivel wheels is the enhanced feature which allows the pram for the baby to move offside occasionally.

Baby Pram with Reversible Seat Units

There are baby prams which have a facility of rotating baby’s seat either facing you or away from you. A new born baby feels secure if he is facing you whereas a toddler is excited to see the traffic and other people while sitting on the pram. So, you can adjust the seat unit according to your convenience and comfort of your child.

Twin Prams

If you are the parents of twins or two kids having very less age difference, then a double pram which is also known as twin pram can be convenient for you. It becomes very easy to accommodate twins in a double pram which is either side by side or in the same line (front and back). The twin pram which has seat units side by side becomes very broad and cannot be moved in narrow spaces, so the parents nowadays prefer to have a double pram in which both kids can be seated in front and back. But if they are seated side by side then they can play with each other and they do not get cranky.

Buying a Baby Pram Online

After going through the features and types of the baby prams available in the market, you can now decide on the baby pram you would like to buy. At Rainbow Prams, we can help you in choosing the right kind of travel system for your baby as we have a variety of baby prams, baby pushchairs, baby travel systems, twin prams etc. available at our online store of baby prams. We assure you that all the prams provided by us are made of high quality materials and are manufactured as per EU safety limits and regulations. Children are very precious in our life and it is our responsibility to think about their comfort and safety. 
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