Different Types of Terminated Interconnects

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Different Types of Terminated Interconnects

When a person sets up a phone system, computer system, audio system, or just about any multi-part electronic device, they often have to consider how the devices connect together. They usually have to think about what the cables and terminated interconnects are called and which types are needed. Most often they go to an electronics shop, purchase the equipment, and then purchase all of the necessary cables to connect the system equipment; however, terminated interconnects can also be purchased on eBay.

Some people go as far as asking which type of cable they need to connect one piece to another while they are in an electronics shop. With the advancement of technology and the interconnections of computer systems to televisions and televisions to stereo systems, these connections and incidentally, connectors, have become more important to the average consumer. In order to connect different devices, a person first needs to know what a terminated interconnect is, which types are available, and which types are needed for a particular system.

What Is a Terminated Interconnect?

A terminated interconnect is basically a cable with a tip on it that plugs, clips, or otherwise is clamped to another device. It allows two devices to communicate with each other and hopefully produce a desired result. The result can be the transmission of an electrical signal, a satellite signal, video signal, audio signal, or any other signal that a piece of equipment is producing. Which type of cable depends ultimately on which type of device is being connected to it. There are cables that are specifically for television applications, computer applications, stereo applications, and many more. As the different devices become more interconnected and the different systems become more interconnected, the terminated interconnects or cables become more universal. An interconnect is a cable and a terminated interconnect is a cable with a form of plug on both ends of that cable.

Types of Terminated Interconnects

Since there are a large variety of devices that people interact with on a daily basis, there are, of course, a wide variety of terminated interconnects. Some of the basic types are system-dependent, meaning that they are specifically suited for the system to which they connect, such as an audio system or a computer system. Each component of a system that is directly connected to another uses some form of a terminated interconnecting cable. These interconnects allow one device to communicate with another sending data, electricity, sound, video, or any number of other types of signal through the cable. This does not include the many terminated interconnects used in industrial applications, such as Internet service providers.

Computer System Terminated Interconnects

Computers have a wide variety of cable options depending on the devices to which they are connected. Some of the more common types of terminated interconnects are used for computers or to connect other devices to computers.

Terminated Interconnect


USB cable

Used for multiple devices



Input devices

Electronic cigarette charging systems

Battery charging systems

Micro USB cable


Video cameras

Mobile phones

Battery chargers

Serial (8 to 10 pin connectors)

Computer input devices

Lower-end computer monitors

SCSI (20 to 50 pin connectors)

Hard drives

Lower-end printers

Disc drives

DVD drives

CD and DVD burners


High-end, high-definition monitors

Computer to television connector

Clip-in connectors

Phone or modem lines

Ethernet devices

This is by no means an exhaustive list of terminated interconnects for computers. There are many more both inside and outside of laptops and desktop computers, since both laptops and desktops are made from individual components that have to communicate with each other.

Audio Visual Terminated Interconnects

The audio visual system uses many of the same types of interconnects that they always have. Where computer technology has been ever-changing, the audio and visual cables have not changed very much over the years.

Terminated Interconnect


Coaxial cable

Cable service connection to television

Satellite to television

VCR and DVD to television

Game systems to television and audio systems

RCA connectors

Audio in

Visual in

A/V channel connections

Speaker connections

Blank or non-terminated interconnections

Speaker wire that is stripped and clipped in

HDMI connectors

High-definition television to satellite and cable receivers

Satellite receivers and cable receivers to monitors

High-definition televisions to computer systems

These are a few of the common terminated interconnects that are available for audio visual equipment. Most of these are standard with a component that is purchased, and several of them come with a component and do not have to be purchased separately.

Phone and Internet Systems

Phone and Internet systems are other familiar systems that use standard terminated interconnects. These interconnects are of the most basic variety and have been used for many years.

Terminated Interconnect


Clip in connectors for a standard phone line



Answering machines

Fax machines

Clip in Ethernet connectors


Some fax machines

Computer to modem or phone line

AC/DC cord

Power cable to phones, fax machines, and modems

There are a vast variety of terminated interconnects that are available to connect different systems together. Those listed above are household connections. There are literally thousands of types that are used in various industries around the world. Pretty much every type of industry uses some form of terminated interconnect. The sizes and varieties of interconnects in industrial applications are almost endless. They can be anything from industrial trunking cable to a simple single phone line or speaker wire.

How to Tell Which Type of Terminated Interconnect Is Needed

Knowing which type of terminated interconnect is needed is often very easy to identify. Most of the ports for the interconnect are labelled with the type of cable that fits them. Also, many of the cables are labelled for the products and devices to which they connect. Another way to tell is to look at the type of jack into which the cable connects. Often the terminated end resembles either the male or female portion of the jack. Most of the terminal ends are coated with silver, gold, or another type of conductive metal. Some interconnects rely on a specific amount of pins and others have a single plug.

Most stereo equipment takes a 6.5 mm or a 3.5 mm connection with a banana plug, also known as an RCA jack. With the advances in computer equipment, the USB plug is becoming more universal for most types of electronics. Fortunately, the more types of equipment that people choose to connect, the more likely universal terminated interconnects are to be used. Just as the banana plug is used for most stereo equipment, and a clip plug is used for most phone applications, universal interconnects are being developed.

Wireless technology has limited the amount of terminated interconnects that people require. Instead of having a direct connection from a modem or printer, many computers run off of a wireless connection.

Buying Different Types of Terminated Interconnects on eBay

Most of the household terminated interconnects can be purchased on eBay. In order to do so, all you have to do is enter the type of terminated interconnect that is needed into the search box, and click on the search button. Once you do this, a list is populated with all of the listings that match the keywords that you entered. Browse through the listings and select the one that best fits your needs.

After selecting a listing, click on it and a description of the item is displayed. Read the item description carefully. Make a note of the seller's shipping and return policies just in case something goes wrong with the transaction. If you have any questions about the product you can ask the seller. Most sellers are happy to answer any questions that you may have. On this page, there is also a section where you can read feedback from other buyers about the particular seller. This is a valuable tool for deciding whether or not a seller is knowledgeable and trustworthy. There is also a designation for top sellers on eBay. This designation means that the seller has had consistently good feedback and is in compliance with all of eBay's policies.


There are many different types of terminated interconnects. Some are used for industrial purposes, while most of the familiar ones are used for connecting different systems of home equipment. A terminated interconnect is another term for a cable that has a specialised end and purpose. There are a wide variety of specialised interconnects and a few that are becoming more universal. The type of interconnect needed for any given system depends on the system itself. There are computer interconnects, phone interconnects, audio and visual interconnects, as well as many others for different applications. The USB cable, RCA cable, and phone line are the most commonly used interconnects aside from connections, such as power or AC/DC cables. As more home electronics hit the market and wireless technology advances, many of the current terminated interconnects may be gradually phased out. All of these terminated interconnects are available for purchase at most electronics shops as well as online at auction websites like eBay.

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