Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB)

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This is my experiance with the Acoustic Solutions DAB adapter for car use I thought that it may be of help to other people looking at this as an option to fit to their car to write this short note.

 After fitting the unit I found reception was not to brilliant. The unit came with a short stubby arial that mounted on the windscreen of the car. At this point I was wondering if this was a bad buy. I decided to take the chance of wasting more money by buying a good quality arial, again screen mounting. The difference in reception was unbelievable. As an example using Virgin, I can travel from Lincs to Cornwall and get good reception all the way. I would recommend this unit because of this.

Another niggle I have found with this unit is it needs to be switched on each time the ignition is turned off. I have the adaptor hidden away so it was not easily operated as required. I found that if the on button is held in, the unit swiches on and works fine. I achieved this buy buy fitting a strong elastic band around the unit with some folded card pushing on the button- effective bodge!

Last and final- the adaptor works either through the radio AUX in or via the arial lead. If using the arial lead and you get bad reception on AM and FM, you must have the unit switched off to recieve normal radio.

I hope this has been of use to anyone considering this unit- I am very pleased with it and would recommend  it


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