Digital Camera Buying Guide

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Digital Camera Buying Guide - Part II | Part III

What is a Digital Camera?

Cameras are all about preserving rare or special moments for a lifetime. Although that will probably not change in the foreseeable future, the work involved in getting your images printed certainly has. You can now photograph and print your pictures in a matter of minutes with the help of a digital camera and photo printer. Welcome to the digital photography age!

A Digital Camera is an electronic device that does the same job as a film camera, but does not use film. Instead, most Digital Cameras use image sensors which take the form of either a CCD (Charge-Coupled Device) or a CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor). On Digital Cameras, images are converted into data and stored inside a digital storage device (mainly flash memory). Most Digital Cameras today capture not only photographs, but quality video and sound as well.

What does a Digital Camera do for me?

Photography made easy
Digital Cameras allow you to take photographs like any film camera. Thanks to the built-in LCD screen on most Digital Cameras, you will be able to preview the image prior to hitting the shutter button, so you don't have to use the viewfinder. Every digital image is stored as a file inside the camera's flash memory, allowing you to review any image you took on the LCD screen. Any shot you are unsatisfied with can be replaced with another in mere seconds! This takes the guesswork out and puts a lot of fun into photography!

Easy viewing of your photographs
Unlike film cameras you do not need to develop film after a photography session. You can view your images on the camera LCD itself or connect your Digital Camera to a computer or television as well.

Effortless Storing and Sharing
You can transfer your images effortlessly from the camera to the computer for storage and to clear the camera's memory for more shots later. Of course, you can also choose which images you want printed with the help of a color/photo printer attached to your computer (you can also have them printed at your neighborhood print shop). After storing the images on your computer, you can conveniently share them with your friends and family via email.

If you plan on preserving your digital images for long a time and don't want to take up space on your hard drive (or want to make backups), you have the option of burning your files onto a CD or DVD disc.
Top Ten Digital Camera Brands
Sanyo (Digital Media Camera with HD movie capture)


Digital Camera Buying Guide - Part II | Part III

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