Digital Camera Faults BEWARE !

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Digital Camera Faults BEWARE !

Almost everyone nowadays has a digital camera, but not many people realise that if it develops a fault, out of warranty, as far as the manufacturers are concerned, you might as well throw it away.

For instance, my Sony DSC-W70 digital camera developed a fault with the zoom button, just out of warranty of course and I found to my horror that nowhere was interested in fixing even the smallest problem, Jessops wanted £175, that's £5 more than the camera cost and Sony wanted well over £100 up front with no guarantee of fixing it !
I don't think this is peculiar to Sony cameras but all compacts so be careful with your choice and maybe take out extended warranty.

In my case I downloaded the repair manual from a link (Sold to me on ebay for £3)  took the camera apart and fixed it myself. If your repair is more serious, say your screen or lens is broken or faulty I recomend that you buy a "Spares or repair" camera from ebay, most models can be found, there will be some down the menu to the right of this page, get a set of small jewellers screwdrivers whilst you're at it (around £5) then have a go yourself, after all you've got nothing to lose !

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