Digital Camera, Made in JAPAN or Made in CHINA?

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Same Model, different country of origin? Both of them are identical products, but why one is Made in JAPAN, and the other one is Make in CHINA? What is "Grade 1" and "Grade 2"?
Japan is famous for its industrial success, like car industry and consumer electronics. You can find a Lexus everywhere in US. However, the truth is: the keep all the best model and best technology only for Japan local customers. These items are identified as "Grade 1" items.

Want some prove? Take the Nikon D3 as an example, one of them is Made in Japan and it was for Japan local sale, the main difference you can easily find out is the user manual contained in the box. It only comes with Japanese manual, unlike those selling overseas, usually with English manual. The Body itself comes with multi-language support which actually makes no difference.

However, when you take a snap, please pay very very attention to the sound of the shutter. There is a difference for the sound and you know what is the quality. Remember it is the same model! Did you also take a look at the LCD screen? Again, same model but what a contrast!

Still questions with what I have mentioned? Then better listen to the sound when you close the Lexus door when you are in Japan show room and you will realize with the difference when you close the one in US/UK.

These Japan "Grade 1" model are only for Japan and the trade off is the manual, but sometimes price will be lower and you have no need to worry about warranty, hardly mal-function. This applies to all Made in Japan products.

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