Digital Camera Memory Explained

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Customers have a wealth of digital cameras to choice from, but unfortunately they do not all take the same memory card format. The easiest way to find the right memory for your digital camera is to use the Memory Selector, available at Just choose your camera and let the Memory Selector find the right memory for you.

This guide will help explain the different types of memory cards available, and also some handy tips when it comes to choosing which memory to buy.

What different types of digital camera memory are there?

The following formats are still available on the market.

Secure Digital (SD): The most popular digital memory card with a wide range available
Compact Flash: More commonly used in professional cameras
xD: Produced by Fuji and Olympus, used predominately in their cameras
Memory Stick Pro Duo: Specific to Sony cameras, features a speed controller enabling users to take rapid shots without lag
Memory Stick Pro: Slightly longer in length than the Pro Duo and without the speed controller, slowly being phased out

Which is the best type of memory card?

All the various formats on the market do the same job and, specifications aside, to the same standard. Some formats have become more popular than others as the market has expanded, and going forward SD cards seem to be leading the way.

Those purchasing Sony, Fuji, or Olympus cameras will notice that these manufacturers have memory card formats specifically designed for their products. The rule applies that you get the same results as any other memory card, but you are limited in the amount of companies producing these card which can, but not always, affect price.

Which brand should I buy?

There are a lot of brands to choose from so deciding which one to go for can be confusing. Quite often camera manufacturers will recommend a particular brand when you buy your camera, but this is irrelevant as any one particular format is the same regardless of brand (eg. a Kingston SD card is the same as a Sandisk SD card).

When choosing a memory card for the first time do not be afraid to do a little research. Type the brand name into Google and see if they have a website. Also check the warranty offered. Kingston memory products have a lifetime guarantee and most decent manufacturers will offer a minimum of 5 years. Be aware that there may be cheaper unbranded cards on the market, but the reliability may not be as good. Better to pay a little extra than risk losing your holiday snaps. Always buy from reputable eBay sellers.

How do I know if the card I buy on eBay is genuine?

eBayers have suffered a lot with fake products, and the memory card market is no different. Always check sellers feedback score and comments. If you are still unsure contact the seller directly. Should there be a problem you can then provide this information to eBay.

How many photos can I store on my memory card?

A chart detailing this can be found at


If you have any queries regarding digital camera memory that have not been covered please do not hesitate to contact us through eBay, or direct on 0871 873 7899.

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