Digital Glossary - F

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F CONNECTOR - A standard, low-cost RF connector used to terminate the coaxial cables that interconnect satellite reception equipment (e.g. for connecting the LNB output to the satellite receiver's input).

F.E.C. - Forward Error Correction. Unlike the internet you cannot get the transmitter to resend information if you didn't receive it. Forward error correction sends extra information with the transmission so that if a little of the information is lost the receiver can work out which bit is incorrect and what it should be.

FEEDHORN - Collects the signals at the focus of the satellite dish and channels them to the LNB.

FIREWIRE - Properly known as P1394. Serial digital bus connector for interconnecting domestic units, sometimes known of as firewire and ultimately likely to replace the function of the SCART socket in analogue. The proper name for P1394 is IEE High Performance Serial Bus. P1394 has been chosen by the DVB Multimedia Home Platform Committee for interconnection of digital equipments in the future home-area network. P1394 defines the physical layer. The transport layer is likely to be ATM.

FIXED DISH - Satellite system in which the dish is targeted at one particular satellite, almost always Astra.

FREEVIEW - A package of around 40 TV and radio channels organised by the BBC, Sky, and Crown Castle. Freely available to anyone with a TV aerial and Freeview adapter.

FREEVIEW ADAPTOR - A Set-top box that allows you to receive digital terrestial channels when connected to a TV aerial.

F.T.A. - Free To Air. An unencrypted television signal.

F.T.V. - Free To View. An encrypted television signal which can be decoded using a FTV card (free of charge). No subscription charge is required to receive a FTV channel.

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