Digital Glossary - M

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MACROVISION - A system which allows live viewing of movies and other programmes but prohibits back-to-back copying. Particularly important in the new digital era since the quality of recordings is indistinguishable from the original.

MAGNETIC POLARISER - A polariser controlled by an electrical current from a satellite receiver.

MATV - Master Antenna Television

MCPC - Multiple Channel per Carrier

MDU - Multi Dwelling Unit (eg. Block of flats, hotels or hospital.

MECHANICAL POLARISER - A polariser controlled by electrical pulses from the receiver.

MHEG - Multimedia and Hypermedia Experts Group. The MHEG standard defines an object-oriented model for the presentation of multimedia applications. Used for interactive services and digital teletext.

MODEM - Some Freeview adapters like the Netgem i-player feature a modem, enabling you to use the internet through your TV.

MODULATOR - An output terminal on the receiver or video tape recorder, for connection to the TV by means of aerial cable.

MPEG - Moving Picture Experts Group. Refers to the family of digital video compression standards and file formats developed by the group. Used as the standard to transmit DTT pictures.

MULTI-SATELLITE SYSTEM - Where a specialised receiver in conjunction with a motorised dish, receives signals from the series of satellites in the Clarke belt.

MULTIPLEX - A single data stream used to transmit several Freeview channels at once. Most use the 16QAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) transmission standard to increase chances of reception. However a few (such as those containing the ITV channels) still use the more interference-prone 64 QAM

MULTIPLEX OPERATOR - Broadcaster transmitting on one or more multiplexes.

MUX - Short for multiplex, which holds more than one digital station on a single frequency. Normally achieved using TDM.

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