Digital Photo Frames Comparison Points

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Digital Photo Frames Comparison Points

Screen Size
As with monitors the screen size of a digital picture frame is measured in inches diagonally from corner to corner. It should be the size of the visible display and not include the surrounding frame.

The resolution is the number of pixels that a digital photo frame can display. The higher the resolution the crisper the image, higher resolutions look better on larger screen sizes.

Aspect Ratio
Aspect ratio is the displayed width divided by its height, they normally come in 4:3 or wide-screen. Pictures and photographs can be cropped to fit most digital photo frames.

Frame Style
A lot of the time your digital picture frame will be turned off so you want to ensure that the frame itself looks cool even when it isn’t displaying a photograph.

Remote Control
The remote control enables you to change the settings on a digital picture frame from the comfort of the sofa, like with a television remote control.

With a wi-fi picture frame you are able send pictures to the frame wirelessly. They make it easy to display an ever changing collection of pictures either from your home PC or a shared collection (like a Flickr account). Some wireless frames will also enable you to email photographs directly to the frame even from your cell phone. You will need to have access to a Wi-Fi access point to make use of this.

Memory Cards
Adding a digital memory card to a photo frame increases the number of photographs it can display. If you buy a digital picture frame that accepts the same memory card as your digital camera you will be able to swap the card between the two.

Internal Memory
Some frames come with internal memory, this means the frame can store the pictures without always needing the memory card to be connected.

Some picture frames are used purely for displaying images whilst others incorporate speakers which let them play music or other sounds.

Plays Video
As well as showing your photographs many of the newer digitial picture frames are also capable of playing video.

Optional Batteries
All the digital picture frames that we reviewed need to be connected to an external power supply. However some of them have rechargeable batteries so ones charged they can be hung on the wall without trailing wires (though they will need plugging in again when charging.)

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