Digital Photo Frames - No need to ever print photos !

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Photography and art have always been my passion since i was a kid & a big fan of gadgets.

I bought one of these over 5 years ago, when they first came out, I remember paying a wedge for it, about £270 for a 7" Digital Frame, I must have made that back over the years, because like most, I had a digital camera, and the way they work, is by removing the memory card from your digital camera and insert into frame (once you've taken all your pictures) and then select timing intervals you would like photos changing, and create a slideshow in seconds.


The best thing is that now they have come down massively in price, and for about £60 for an attractively finished 7" Screen Size version, they are becoming an addition to all households worldwide. They even come with remote controls and music & video playback at that price if you look hard enough. Most accept SD /CF / MS DUO / MS / XD Cards as standard, with capacities upto 4GB ! (Depending on your memory card) Some include a memory card, some have built in memory (problem with built in memory is that you cant transport it around easily unlike a SD Card, which you can use to take pictures on and share easily)

If your considering buying one, I'd reccomend it 100% - Think it will replace the need for printing photos in the future, helps with unnecessary usage of paper which fades in a couple of years if you print your own photos - not to mention the trendy addition to your lounge (so easy to use, even my gran can use - i have to copy the pictures for her tho!)

You can combine all the snapshots from your mobile phone, digital camera, any downloaded images from friends and family, movie clips & sounds of the little one or of the family and display easily.

We took ours on holiday with us, and there was also no need to wait till you got home to view your pictures or view them on your 2" lcd on the camera, we just plugged in the SD Card from the digital camera!

Hopefully this inspires someone looking for a gift idea or maybe some friendly advise.

Best Regards


Nic @

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