Digital Video Recorder for Home Surveillance

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Choosing a security system that is effective in protecting a home along with its contents is important for most homeowners. With so many different types of security systems available, it is difficult to know which offers the protection needed. One system available is the DVR (digital video recorder). By learning about the various features that the DVR has to offer, homeowners can decide if it is the right choice for them. While various retail shops sell digital video recorders, eBay also carries a large assortment for those looking for more competitive pricing.
1 Motion Detection
Motion Detection

Motion detection is a feature that activates when movement occurs within a specified area in, or around, the home. The motion detector alerts users in a variety of ways. This includes either setting off alarms or by engaging the camera to start recording. Though typically placed at the entrances of the home, high-quality DVRs have detectors capable of covering a larger area. Some systems, such as AVermedia digital recorders, come equipped with automatic motion recording.


2 Zoom

Zoom is a camera feature that allows users to hone in on a person or object. With the ability to zoom in on a subject, the recorder can take an up-close picture or video of a face or number plate. A quality lens along with full video streaming is important in order to obtain a high-quality image.


3 Nighttime Viewing
Nighttime Viewing

Nighttime viewing is an important feature of a quality digital video recorder. Since most home invasions occur at night, it is essential to have a recorder that is able to view people or objects in the darkest of conditions. Typically, a recorder is equipped with an imaging chip or infrared technology depending on the amount of light provided outside of the home.


4 Outdoor Capability
Outdoor Capability

Those looking to protect the outside of their home with a digital video recorder should ensure that the system is equipped with outdoor cameras. This provides for protection against the weather and other elements. Cameras designed for indoor use are subject to damage or inoperability if exposed to the outdoors.


5 Field of Vision
Field of Vision

The field of vision in a digital video recorder varies depending on the size and type of the lens. For instance, the wider the lens, the more area covered by the camera. Some systems come equipped with adjustable fields of vision, which is important depending on the location of the camera. The lens also determines the distance that the camera covers.


6 Door and Window Sensors
Door and Window Sensors



7 Fire Sensors

Similar to a smoke alarm, fire sensors sound an alarm when smoke is present in the home. Though most digital video recorders do not come equipped with this feature, many have the option of being set up to control and work with home fire alarms. This capability alerts users of a fire even when they are away from home.


8 Interactive Monitoring
Interactive Monitoring

Interactive monitoring is important for users who wish to have access to their system at all times. This feature allows users to control different functions, such as activating alarms even when they are away from home. Interactive monitoring also allows users to watch live video feeds. Systems, such as the DVR Atlantis Qvis 4 Channel HDMI H.264, allow users to view feeds from their tablet or phone.


9 Camera Resolution
Camera Resolution

Camera resolution determines the quality of the images and videos. Resolution size ranges from around 330 TVL to 700 TVL and some cameras offer adjustable frame rates, which change the resolution quality. With more detailed images, users gain a better sense of what is happening around the home they are protecting.


10 Size of the Hard Drive
Size of the Hard Drive

How much video recording or live streaming time a digital video recorder holds depends on the size of the hard drive.. The size also affects how many pictures the system holds at one time. DVRs come with different sizes of hard drives starting with 300 GB. The size needed depends on a user's needs.


How to Buy a Digital Video Recorder for Home

Finding the right digital video recorder to protect your home is less daunting when you purchase it from eBay. With various filters available, you can sort the products by brand, feature, and condition to make the search easier. When you find the exact product for which you are looking, make sure the seller is top-rated to ensure a positive experience. Finding the right digital video recorder to protect your home is not always easy, but by learning about the various features available, you can easily find the one that has everything you need to keep your family and belongings secure.
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