Digital interconnect cable change- Yes it does make a difference

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The sceptics always point to digital signals being a series of 1 & 0. So if it's digital the cable won't affect the sound? WRONG. My family (my wife and my kids) can all hear the difference when I changed the Linn standard digital interconnect between my CD transport and DAC, for an Atlas Compass (after market profesionally re-terminated with BNC plugs to suit Linn components).
Guess what? the extra base slam alone announced the improvement beyond doubt. Sitting down and listening swopping a-b. b-a, confirmed improvements everywhere including the impression of space, seperation and air but also clarity and extention throughout. For those that like to experiment, go for it and you will definatly hear the diference and with the right cable choice your enjoyment of your system will be enhanced. For those that doubt don't bother and save your cash. However if your system cost you more than a months pay why hold it back and miss out on it's restricted potential?
Just won an Atlas Opus and can't wait for it to arrive!
Ebay I just love it.s

(Added Jan 1 2014)
Comparing the Opus with the Compass there are discernable differences. The bass is better controlled and more tunefull and cymbals have a more natural shimmer and decay. Voices have more clarity and deffinition. Overall the whole sound is better and thats  using them with cheap phono to BNC converters that are probably degrading the purity of the signal, can't wait to get the lead re terminated with BNC. Another great bargain buy.
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