Digital police scanner no such thing.

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A bit of advice to all buyers..

one simple thing..

there is no such thing as a digital police scanner....

you may be lucky and get hold of an ex police radio with MASC but most if not by now all forces are going onto digital..and any ex police radios on ebay are usually de-programmed and hole no police channels, even the MASC keycodes have been removed, making them useless for police monitoring..

so scanners being sold as digital and police scanners are NOT, and never will be..

some people may still be able to receive some police in some areas, but all police are converting to digital.. even  a local force to me has moved and the local council has moved into the police band !!

so don't be fooled, i've seen £5 airband receivers,not even scanners fetching £50 because it said digital in the title..

i've seen 15 year old scanners worth no more £15 fetching £75 because it had digital in it's title..the only thing digital is the LCD digital display !!

or what about these sellers selling £15 and £10 BUY IT NOW police scanners !!!

these don't even SCAN and are just cheap and nasty airband receivers..which happen to pick up some police on a harmonic type frequency..not even good to pick up CB on let alone police ambulance and fire services..

be told, you can't get a digital scanner..unless you have around £7,000 to spend..!! AND work for an appointed government agency !


BE TOLD, and stop giving these rip off sellers your money for crap !!!


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