Dimmable LED FAQs

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Here's some useful information regarding the installation of Dimmable LED Bulbs!

1. Please note LED dimmable lights do not work with electric dimmers, only TRIAC or SCR ones, which work with a turn of a knob, or the move of a slide. LED’s need a constant current and run at a very low wattage.Electronic dimmers(operating with touch or push button) ruin LEDs.

It's works with most conventional TRIAC or SCR dimmers, and allows a wide range of dimming, from 3% to 100% of its light intensity.

2. Please note Home Lighting Automention System work well with higher watt dimmable LED bulb. because that Home Automention System it's Digital dimming the dimmers can only dim down to 20w and so if you have 10 3w bulbs then you can only dim these down to 30% as you can not lower the total circuit load below 20w.

so you need buy higher watt dimmable LED bulbs as 6W,7W,9W,12W for get perfect light dimming effect by Home lighting automation system. the 3w LEDs are not really able to support full dimming.

Even manufacturers such as Philips acknowledge that their dimmable GU10 LED bulbs will only work with a handful of dimmer switches. 

When buying dimmable LED bulbs it is very important to realise that not all dimmer switches will provide effective, flicker free and smooth dimming.

Although this situation is not ideal it is universal across all LED retailers in the UK. Any retailer who doesn’t freely mention that the dimming of LED bulbs may be affected by the type of dimmer switch used should be avoided!

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