Dimmer Switch Wiring - How to Install a Dimmer Switch

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How To Install Your Dimmer Switch

Read the instructions below carefully. Incorrect installation may damage the dimmer beyond repair. In case of any doubt or difficulty consult a QUALIFED electrician.

1) Switch off at the mains electric
2) Remove the existing switch and disconnect the wiring from the switch terminal at the rear, taking note of the present wiring of the switch and marking on the terminals. Where there are two or more wires together in the old switch they must be kept together in the dimmer.
3) Check that you have a genuine live feed as well as loads wire(s) at the wall box
4) Ensure that any wall box is free of plaster lumps or projecting screw heads. Use a box with a minimum depth of 25mm. A box having 4 fixing lugs cannot be used without modifying it. Then the top and bottom lugs must be broken off or bent flat.
5) Dimmers with a metal front plate must be earthed by means of the earthing point on the dimmer. You must ensure that all wires are sleeved fully and only enough bare wire is showing to connect to the terminals. Push wires deep into terminals and tighten terminal screws so that wires are held securely. no bare wires should protrude from the terminals.
6) After connecting the wires, screw the dimmer gently into the wall box. Do not trap the wiring between the rear of the dimmer and the back of the wall box.
7) Turn the mains electricity back on.

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