Directive 2007/38/EC New Wide Angle Mirrors

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For many years concern has been growing about the number of accidents involving trucks that are turning and pedestrians or cyclists caught in a near side blind spot.

Many of those accidents could have been prevented, but how..?

Recent advances in glass technology mean that glass can now be produced to a deeper radius of curvature giving drivers a far greater field of vision. With this in mind the EU has passed Directive 2007/38/EC.

By the end of March 2009 all trucks, from the year 2000 on above 7.5 tonnes ( and 3.5 tonnes with a large cab ) must comply with the expanded field of visibility detailed in the directive. The items affected are the class IV wide angle mirror and class V over door mirror.

The recommended modification is to fit new mirror glasses, of if this is not possible to fit new mirrors. The new mirrors had a radius of 300mm as opposed to the old radius of 450mm, thus givinh the driver much more visibility.

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