Dirty Tricks By CheatingSellers must be Stopped ! ! ! !

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Its about time ebay got some new policies to stop these dirty tricks that other ebay sellers are doing.

Its usually by small time sellers or sellers struggling to get the sales.

Its the old time trick of get rid of your competition, to be more successfull yourself.

Most successfull ebay sellers like ourselves know it take time and alot of work to gain a good strong feedback and more importantly to gain the trust of the buyers, in many cases it takes alot to gain regular return customers and this is the secret to success.

This week we received another dirty trick from a seller and how it works is simple ! ! !

These cheating sellers open a new ebay account and start buying from there competition, but dont pay. Instead they then go on the leave negative feedback in many cases claiming scams, non receipt of goods ect basically anything to turn away potential buyers.

Now this is strictly against ebay policy and any victim can file for feedback removal the problem is ebay dont check out the buyer properly and the feedback remains but whats worse is that these cheating sellers get away with it and always do it again.

Surely its time that ebay did something to stop this, new ebay members should be made to go through somekind of ebay dispute if they have a problem before been able to leave feedback this will stop these cheats.
If this continues this market place will become full of false feedbacks and inturn normal buyers would buy from unsafe smaller sellers instead of professional experienced sellers and in turn more buyers will fall pray to scam sellers.

If you agree that something should be done to make ebay a safer place please vote now ! ! !



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