Dishwashers buying guide

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Choosing the right size

How big is your family? How many plates, cups etc will your new dishwasher hold? 

A typical dishwasher will hold;
12  dinner plates
12 soup plates
12 dessert plates
12 tea cups and saucers
12 tumblers
12 knives, forks, soup spoons, teaspoons and dessertspoons (Based on standard size plates) 

Other options include a slimline model - usually around 45cm wide but the same height or depth these will usually hold 9 place settings. i.e. 9 dinner plates, 9 soup plates. 

A compact model is smaller still - ideal for those of with very limited space or with small washing up requirements.  These will usually hold 4 place settings. 

There are also integrated models which can be hidden within the kitcehn units and semi-integreated with the machine’s control panel visible and readily accessible.

REMEMBER - not all items are dish washer compatible;
Patterned/decorated fine china, crystal glasses, iron cookware , Cutlery with wooden, plastic, bone or pearl handles (may crack or loosen) should all be handwashed. 

It is also important when purchasing a dish washer to;

1 - Take into account its Energy Efficiency rating: always look for higher ratings where possible which will be more economical and cheaper to run

2 - Review the water consumption costs, particularly if you're on a water meter. All dish washers use a cold water fill. 

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