Do Branded iPad, Tablet, and eBook Accessories Provide Value for the Money?

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Do Branded iPad, Tablet, and eBook Accessories Provide Value for the Money?

There are an abundance of iPad, tablet, and eBook accessories designed to complement the device and make it more useful, versatile, and attractive. These items range in price significantly, and this is largely determined by the manufacturer of the product. Well known manufacturers, such as Apple and Amazon, are reputable and therefore have a large following of investors and consumers who are willing to pay a greater sum in exchange for guaranteed compatibility.

On the other hand, lesser known, or unbranded, manufacturers often produce similar products at a more reasonable price. It is debatable whether branded or unbranded accessories perform at a higher level as each have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. When purchasing iPad, tablet, and eBook accessories, buyers should consider the various types and familiarise themselves with the benefits and drawbacks of buying branded vs. unbranded accessories. These accessories can be bought from computer retailers, department stores, and online at retailers such as eBay.

Types of iPad, Tablet, and eBook Accessories

There are various types of iPad, tablet, and eBook accessories such as stylus pens and protective cases. These items are meant to make the device easier to use and protect it from damage.

Stylus Pens

The stylus for the iPad, tablet, and eBook is made by many branded and unbranded manufacturers. These companies claim that their product is a "screen saver" in that it eliminates the need for buyers to swipe their finger across the screen to operate the device and make selections. Plastic stylus pens are small, ranging about 5 centimetres long, and made out of aluminium.

The "Go Fish Stylus" is an unbranded interactive utility that is both ergonomic and convenient. This particular device plugs into the headphone jack using a non-conductive plastic plug that acts to anchor the stylus to the top of the unit, then uses a lanyard to secure the pen so that buyers do not lose it. In order to operate it, buyers simply unplug the stylus and use it as a pen to draw, press the icons on the screen, or surf the web. Unbranded styluses pose little safety risk to the device.

Protective Cases

Other purchases, such as iPad, tablet, and eBook protective cases, can be purchased easily from third party manufacturers at no risk. The purpose of the case is to protect the device from being damaged. The case does not interact with the hardware or connect to the unit itself. Therefore, buying a branded or unbranded protective case does not compromise the safety or functionality of the hardware.

Advantages of Branded iPad, Tablet, and eBook Accessories

When it comes to protecting an investment such as an iPad, tablet, or eBook, it is important to consider that their manufacturing companies have invested millions into research and development to engineer a final product intended to outperform their competitor's products. With this in mind, there is no question that the teams of engineers and designers have also incorporated a strategy aimed at earning and maintaining a profit.

With the investment and effort put into the product, some branded manufacturers are reluctant to allow third party suppliers to produce accessories for their devices. This means that there is a possibility of compatibility issues when buying certain accessories, as the third party manufacturers do not always have direct access to the specification of branded products. So, for certain accessories, the owner uses them at their own risk.


It is possible that unbranded chargers that have the appropriate adapter to attach to an iPad, tablet, or eBook may harm the device. Branded accessories are designed with certain power specifications, which means that they have a better overall charge strength and a longer battery life. By using branded iPad, tablet, and eBook accessories, buyers know with certainty that they work with their respective device. If buyers wish to purchase unbranded accessories, they should ensure that the power ratings are compatible.


Some unbranded iPad, tablet, and eBook accessories are made cheaply with lower quality control standards. As a result, they are more prone to defects and therefore, do not last as long as the branded versions. Unbranded products, such as batteries, can leak, expand, and are known to burn out more rapidly than branded products. Buyers can actually lose money by investing in unbranded replica products. These may be manufactured by a company that considers quantity to be more important than quality, and quality control standards may not be tightly regulated in the country of production. These unbranded companies do not always have the user's best interest in mind and because they are unbranded, they do not suffer the same reputational damage in the event of a product failure that a branded manufacturer would experience.

Disadvantages of Branded iPad, Tablet, and eBook Accessories

On the other side of this argument is a common thread of agreement between the brand name manufacturers and the industry as a whole. The main disadvantage of branded iPad, tablet, and eBook accessories is price. Branded accessories are generally much more expensive than their unbranded counterparts. So, many consumers choose price over quality.

Enhanced Features of Unbranded Products

Typically there is a reason behind every aspect of an item's design. Buyers may choose unbranded accessories because they have specific needs not addressed by the branded designers. One example is the Bluetooth keyboard originally intended to be used by Apple engineers as a selling point. They incorporated a Bluetooth transceiver with Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth was developed by the Ericsson group in 1994 and has slowly gained popularity to the point where it is now almost standard in many devices. Most mobile phones, portable computers, and tablets have some form of Bluetooth technology.

Manufacturers or brands such as the Kensington Keyfolio make keyboards that interact with the Apple iPad through a Bluetooth connection. This allows users to sit and type as if they were on an ordinary laptop. This is an example of different types of technology coming together to allow an unbranded accessory to transform one product into a hybrid that serves the specific need of the buyer, while the brand manufacturer focuses on key products.

Third party manufacturers often seek to expand the market and need to think of innovative ways to create products that benefit consumers. Branded manufacturers often have a discrete set of products that they market heavily and are less inclined to create new products.

How to Buy iPad, Tablet, and eBook Accessories on eBay

After considering whether branded iPad, tablet, and eBook accessories provide value for money, visit eBay to take a look at the products available. Buyers can search for these items on the eBay home page by searching for " iPad, tablet, and eBook accessories" and then narrow down the results using the eBay filters. Buyers are then able to choose the type of accessory they require, its condition, and the item's brand. Using these filters can save the buyer from searching through the thousands of iPad, tablet, and eBook accessories that eBay has to offer.

If purchasing used items, buyers should look carefully at the condition of the iPad, tablet, or eBook accessory before finalising the transaction, and if they have any questions they can contact the seller. It is also a good idea to ensure compatibility between a device and accessory. If the seller is not too far away, ask if you can view the accessory to check for compatibility before purchasing. This gives buyers the opportunity to try the accessory, if the seller agrees, and confirm whether it is a good fit for their needs.


Before buying iPad, tablet, or eBook accessories, buyers should consider whether branded items provide value for money. With the initial investment being the actual iPad, tablet, or eBook, buyers should assess whether their lives are made easier by investing in reliable branded accessories or unbranded versions that have an unknown level of performance. It the less expensive unbranded accessories cause harm to the device, then any financial savings are in vain. For some accessories, unbranded manufacturers may offer more aesthetic accessories.

If the accessories improve the use of the iPad, tablet, or eBook and do not pose a risk to the performance of the device then it is not necessary to pay the higher price for a branded product, and the unbranded version would provide better value for money. This is even more true if the accessories add performance benefits, in which case they can become a net gain to anyone investing in them. Of course there are drawbacks to any accessory as they can add weight, increase size, and increase demand for power for the device.

There are a myriad of branded and unbranded iPad, tablet, and eBook accessories on eBay. The question of which type to choose depends on the needs of buyers. They should consider which accessories lasts for the longest time and add the greatest functionality in order to determine which type provides the most value for money.

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