Do I need a left-handed or right-handed bath?

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Do I need a left-handed or right-handed bath?

Is your bath left- or right-handed? It sounds like the beginning of a really corny joke, but when you're designing your bathroom and choosing a shower-bath, it's crucial to get it right, otherwise you could be left with furniture that just won't fit into your room.

The easiest way to decide if you need a left-handed bath or a right-handed one is to imagine you're looking at it from above. Spin the bath around so that the short leg of the L or the loop of the P is at the top: which way is it pointing? If it goes left, that's a left-handed bath; if it goes right (yes, you guessed it), it's right-handed.

If you're looking at an offset corner bath, then think about the way the bath is "pointing":

To avoid confusion and to ensure that you get the right product for your project, always take plenty of time to plan things out first. Draw up a layout of your bathroom on paper, making sure you mark windows and doors as well as fittings, to make sure you have everything in the correct place - and the right (or left) way around!

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