Do NOT sell to Nigeria!

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Never, Ever..

I stupidly sold a phone + smartwatch to a scammer in Nigeria. Believe me, no matter how tempting and enticing their offer. STAY CLEAR. They'll have their billing address in America, then tell you to send the parcel to Nigeria for extra money. They'll offer you £30, or your currency's equivalent. The spoof paypal emails look slightly mis-translated from whatever language into English on a mobile device. 

On a laptop/desktop, they are so obviously shady that they may as well be stood at your door, asking if your driveway needs tarmac'ing - all the while - taking particular interest in your dogs.. which go missing in the next few days.

Once your parcel has been sent by an exorbitantly pricey postage method, you'll definitely never see it again, unless you contact the police, and then the courier with your Crime Reference Number (CRN) on the same day basically.

The moral of the story. Do not sell to Nigeria, or to anyone wishing you to forward items to Nigeria.

Because: Once your parcel has left domestic soil, it is no longer in the jurisdiction  of your postal service, or police, or e-fraud squad. I wasn't wise, I was oblivious and a bit greedy. DON'T BE CAUGHT LIKE ME. 

*Washes M, U and G from forehead*
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